Oh hai there!

Yeah, welcome to the JuicyCube.net - a site which purpose is to become, no more no less, a bin for various things created by me. Not all of course, only the ones I consider the best. If you want more (o_0) you'll find related links easily. The site is divided into 6 sections - let me explain what you can expect from them:

Main - you're here right now. Just a welcome page. Maybe I'll post info about future updates here. Maybe. Probably not.

Music - strange pieces of beats, bleeps and melodies I've been producing for past 14 years. Almost all of them are tracked music since it's practically the only way of making sounds I'm interested in. I've selected IMO the best ones - you can listen to them directly from this site or download to your HDD (in each case there is at least MP3 and original, module-format file in the ZIP archive).

Video - my video works. Almost all of them are Anime Music Videos, but I plan to make more non-anime related stuff in the future. No streaming, only regular download for now.

Prods - various productions (music disks, demos, games) that feature my stuff (mostly music).

Other - simply things that doesn't belong to the other sections. For now you can find my custom levels for Amiga games there (yes, I like wasting my free time doing this ;))

About - basic info about myself + contact form

Side note - the default thing you'll hear after clicking PLAY button on the flash player is ModFM - a radio station run by me. It's a station streaming the best tracked music, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its song database is drawn from modules.pl (also mine :)).

So that's it. Sit down, relax and take a tour - maybe you'll find something interesting for you.

Special thanks goes to Mouster for coding mentioned mp3/stream player, and for onix15 for letting me using his orange cube picture.

written: 2014-09-03

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